sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010


Um texto muito bom = muitas ideias novas a desenvolver.

Som, feedback e interação
Interactive, Responsive Sound Environments - A Broader Artistic Context

Dr Garth Paine
Music, technology and Innovation
De Montfort University UK


Interactive systems offer a unique method of engagement, based on a response – response exchange. They offer the promise of a truly immerses experience.
This paper will look at the development of artistic practice in the twentieth century, and it’s associated focus on individual expression. It will do so as a way of looking at the development of the interactive ideal.
In drawing a conceptual framework for interaction, it will also draw on the study of Cybernetics, particularly, the causal loop, drawing parallels between the interdependent nature of the causal loop, and the relationships developed in an interactive system.
Finally, I put forward a personal observation on how explicit the role of the technology should be in the users experience of engagement with the interactive system. This collection of musings represents an exploration of the many facets of interaction, especially within an interactive, immersive environment, with the view to establishing an interdisciplinary context for personal engagement and experience, and some conceptual starting points for thinking about interactive sound works beyond the confines of “music” per se.